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Our approach to website design and development

Every website design and deployment is unique. Our approach to your website design project will consist of five key elements that will help ensure that the project meets your desired goals. 

1. Align

Before any designs are made, or technologies are agreed upon, we spend the first phase of the project getting to know YOUR unique business and clearly defining the strategic goals for the website. Once the goals have been defined we can start to blueprint the framework for the website.

2. Design

During the design stage, we will take our understanding of the defined goals into consideration and develop a roadmap of the website. Typically, this might consist of wireframe mockups, illustrations, animations, screenshots or other graphic elements. 

3. Develop

This is where the rubber meets the road as they say. We develop the frontend, backend, software or code modules needed to bring life to the design. Our engineers create and secure the virtual server that will host the website, and our developer works with the designer to ensure that the website vision is both functional and beautiful.

4. Enhance

Before we launch your website, we meticulously review every function and design element to ensure that we have successfully matched the design and functionality to your business goals. 

5. Maintain

Our website maintenance packages ensure that content stays relevant, new content is added properly, security holes are patched and the website continues to operate efficiently. In addition to functionality, we employ Google Analytics reporting, hacking mitigation and website backup services for your website.

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