Let's Get started

Thanks for trusting Graywell Design for your website design needs. Now it’s GO time! Below is a checklist of items we will need in order to start and complete the website. 

Set clear goals

This is arguably the most important consideration. We can best deliver an amazing website when we align ourselves with your businesses' goals. Get specific.

Ask yourself the following questions regarding each page on your website:
- Who is my target audience?
- What is my main goal of this page?
- What story am I trying to tell with this page?
- How does this page provide value to the visitor?
- What information is essential for this page?

Here is our #1 suggestion for creating a website that ENGAGES visitors and ENHANCES your BRAND: Build your website for the VISITOR, not for YOURSELF Visitors want to know how your business provides value to THEM... How you solve THEIR problem.... Why THEY should do business with you... Keep that in mind and you will have a website that brings in clients over and over again while enhancing your brand.

Gather important images and text content

Your website should reflect you and your business. Please gather any high-quality images and text that you would like to include on the site. Your project manager will email you a link to a direct file uploader you can use to upload the content.

Allow Graywell Design to make changes to your domains

To begin your projet, we will need to make important changes to your domain DNS settings. If you have a dedicated IT support person who will manage the settings, you can skip this step and simply ask your IT rep to contact us to get the proper settings. Depending on where you manage your domains, the process will be different. If you are a GoDaddy user, you can simply add Graywell Design as a delegate to be able to manage your domains. You can find instructions here: GoDaddy - Our user email address is [email protected] Otherwise, please provide us with your account login information via the secure document uploader sent to you by your project manager.

Gather relevant account usernames and passwords

Graywell design may need to access existing hosting account, domain accounts and email accounts to complete your project. Please gather any relevant account username and passwords and be ready to provide the information to Graywell Design if needed. You will never be asked to share credentials via email or text. Please only use the secure document uploader for sensitive information.

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