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Christ Journey church has a simple, but clear goal. “Help people find and follow Christ.” To reach as many followers as possible, their online experience needed to be reimagined so they could support each individual in their  journey to follow Christ. 

To help them achieve their goals, Graywell Design developed a story branded design that meets the individual where they stand, then integrates them into the culture and ecosystem of Christ Journey church. We helped transition them into the Rock RMS platform, by creating a custom API solution which automatically brings event and group details into the front facing website, and we enhanced the individual’s journey by seamlessly integrating into their mobile app. 

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Our Approach

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Modern Design

We developed a modern and clean custom website built on WordPress and Elementor Pagebuilder that utilizes the latest coding standards for ease of management. 

Custom Rock RMS integration

In the church community, Rock RMS is the leader in CMS management. We developed a custom API that would integrate directly into WordPress Elementor page builder enabling a seamless integration between Rock RMS and their website. 

Ongoing Support

We don’t stop supporting our clients once the site is launched. Christ Journey has transitioned into a globally-reaching organization and as such they require regular support in the form of content creation/management, marketing campaign support, digital technology support and more. Graywell Design is there with them every step of the way!

Services Provided

  • Graphic Design
  • Custom API development
  • Secure cloud hosting
  • Domain Management
  • Rock RMS content management
  • Mobile app support
  • Website content management

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