Our Services

Graywell Design offers tailored services that meet your company’s specific online branding and marketing goals. We help your business get noticed online.​

Web Development

Your website has about 5 to 15 seconds to convince potential customers to stay. Over 50% of all traffic online comes from mobile devices. In today's connected world, if your website doesn’t display well on mobile, you will lose leads and miss sales. Our websites are always developed to look great on desktop and mobile using the most modern coding practices.

  • Average cost $7500

Site Maintenance

Once your beautiful website is up and running, our job is not done. SEO maintenance, and regular security updates will keep your website performing well in search results. We will monitor website uptime, send you analytical updates, update content and create website backups, all so you can rest assured that your site is operating nominally.

  • Average cost $125/mo.

Data Security

Today, 43% of all hacking attempts target small businesses and the average cost of a data breach in 2020 will exceed $150 million, as more business infrastructure gets connected. We have a dedicated security team that can perform penetration testing, server hardening, website security monitoring, firewall management and more.

  • Average cost $275/mo.


Does your company sell physical or digital products? You are missing out on potential sales if your website doesn't provide a simple and secure way to sell your products. We create E-Commerce solutions that simplify the buying process for your customers and integrate with most any payment system such as Square, PayPal and Authorize.net.

  • Average cost $8500

Cloud Hosting

Selecting the wrong server technology for your website could be disastrous. Server crashes, slow load time will ruin your online credibility with your customers. We understand that one size does not fit all. We carefully evaluate your website needs and develop a perfectly matched hosting solution, saving you money and enhancing your credibility.

  • Average cost $1200/yr
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