4 Reasons Why WordPress Is Better Than Other DIY Site Builders

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What is WordPress? WordPress is a CMS, aka Content Management System that allows a website to be developed and deployed with ease than developing from scratch. WordPress has two types, the WordPress.com, and WordPress.org, and this article intends to discuss about Wordpress.org, and how it’s compared to other DIY site builders like Wix, Squarespace, and […]

How to install wordpress via command line

WordPress installation image

Sidenote: If you are copying and pasting these commands into your terminal, do not copy the #. It is there to notate a block of code. Getting Started First, navigate to the directory which you would like to install the new copy of WordPress to. The default location in ubuntu would be: /var/www/html Once you […]

Gutenberg. Is your site ready for it?

What is Gutenberg anyway? Did you say Steve Gutenberg? No no.. I hate to burst your bubble, but it’s not another police academy movie starring your favorite 80s actors, and it’s definitely not the latest food allergy that you need to cut from your diet. Gutenberg is an updated content editor created by the the WordPress […]